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RCM Services

A full suite of services tailored to your behavioral health business.



An integrated platform with advanced analytics, optimization, and automation capabilities.

Drive Performance & Business Growth

Partnering with Prosperity means exceptional results.

  • Increased Revenue

    Maximize revenue with fewer claims denials, improved collections and reduced write-offs.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

    Simplify billing for a seamless patient experience.

  • Stronger
    Financial Stability

    Ensure financial stability with accurate billing, revenue management and risk mitigation.

  • Expert Insights

    Partner with our dedicated team of experts for industry insights that will drive your success to the next level.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Outpace the competition with technology, expertise and data-driven strategies.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Automate and consolidate
    tasks to streamline operations
    and reduce administrative burden.

  • Informed

    Use real-time data and advanced analytics for strategic decisions and continuous improvement.

  • Greater Scalability

    Scalable solutions that support growth, expansion and industry.


Human Expertise + Data Precision



Seamlessly connect systems, from EMRs to financial systems, to ensure data flows without disruption.


Maximize your earnings potential by streamlining processes and capitalizing on growth opportunities.


Access real-time insights with advanced data visualization, driving informed decision-making.


Streamline the insurance process, from submissions to reimbursement, with automated efficiency.

The Power of Six
Employees in One Platform

  • 1,000+ Data Point Analysis.
  • Find up to 20-40% savings on labor, technology and vendor costs.
  • Increase revenue by as much as 10-20%.
  • Access full system integration, encompassing EMRs to financial systems.
  • Automate the RCM process, including denials, rejections, claims status, benefits, medical records and more.
  • Accelerate cash flow with low A/R days.
  • Discover efficient vendor management and cost-effective staffing solutions.
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Appeals
  • Authorizations
  • Verification of Benefits

Access Our 360 RCM

Powered by InsightsPro, our RCM assessment offers a direct 360° diagnosis of your organization. We pinpoint areas for improvement, uncover overlooked revenue, compare your performance against industry standards and provide actionable reports to boost your bottom line.

  • Industry Benchmark Report
  • Gap Analysis
  • Rates Analysis
  • Optimization Opportunities
  • Starting at $8,500
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Guaranteed 400% ROI in findings or the assessment is free.

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