Who We Serve

Whether you run one facility or many, we’ll help you get the payments you’re entitled to and consistently exceed the industry average.

Treatment Providers
Treatment Providers

"Prosperity takes care of all my business office functions, from billing and UR to bookkeeping and AP. Working with Prosperity, I don’t have to worry about following up on insurance claims or entering invoices. Prosperity takes away my financial headaches and allows me to focus on doing what I love: spending more time with my patients."

Business Owners
Business Owners

"Prosperity handles my revenue cycle operation, gives valuable advice on financial strategy and provides sophisticated analytics. They help improve my cash collections, negotiate in-network contracts, optimize my tax strategy and identify opportunities for expansion or improvement. With Prosperity on my team, I can achieve my business goals: increasing profit and sustainable growth."

Why We Serve

Your hard work and passion are crucial in the struggle against addiction.

By maximizing your earnings and supporting your facility with critical back-end services, we allow you to focus on delivering the treatments that help make our communities healthier and happier.

Solutions We Provide

Our clients enjoy the benefits of 100% transparency and dedication to claims preparation, submission and tracking. Prosperity submits all timely, clean claims (99.9%) through the use of sophisticated RCM platform that allows for easy data management. Our clients benefit from 24/7/365 access to current and past census, authorizations and billing information. Every single claim is scrubbed prior to submission to ensure that it is payable.

Verification of Benefits

Our team manages the entire process from submitting initial invoices to appealing denials and posting payments against patient accounts.

Data and Analytics

We aggregate data from different systems or sources and present it in user-friendly reports that provide actionable insights.

Accounting and Outsourced CFO

Our experts take care of everything from journal entries to reporting whether you need simple bookkeeping or complex accrual-basis financial statements.

Utilization Review

We work with your clinical team on each patient to obtain authorization, ensure accurate documentation to support the level of care, prevent denials and increase length of stay.